At The Camp

There’s plenty to do and see at the camp. Here’s a taste of what you can get up to during your stay:

Self-guided Walk – follow the marked trail around the camps 35 acres enjoying the camps herd of Ankole cows, bird, wild and plant life as you go. The trail will take you through the lakeside forest, across the open grassland and up to the stunning viewpoint at the top of the hill.


Birding – With five different habitats, bushland, open grassland, forest, papyrus and open water, the camp is home to a huge variety of birdlife. The resident populations are boosted in Sept-May with migrants, a great time to visit and bird. See if you can add any new species to the camps bird list!

The Hide – take your bino’s, a coolbox and a camera and sit in our lakeside hide. This papyrus walled hide looks out over a small beach where birdlife abounds. There’s constant chattering of sunbirds, endless entertainment from the swamp flycatchers and the chance to spot some hippos. A great spot to sit and let the wildlife come to you.

Forest Platform – climb up to a platform and sit in the canopy of the lakeside forest. Above the humidity of the forest floor where a breeze from the lake comes through, this forest platform is the coolest place to sit and relax. With dense undergrowth below and tall trees all around, you feel as if you’re in the middle of a forest, forgetting the world outside. With a view over the papyrus to the lake itself you can watch out for hippos and water birds while occasionally glimpsing passing fishermen.


Obstacle Course – enquire with the camp staff and they’ll prepare the obstacle course for your group to tackle, prepare to get muddy!


Night Drive – hire a camp guide with a spotlight and head out on a night drive on land bordering the national park. Night drives are best done from 8pm onwards as the humans retreat inside and the wildlife emerges. Nocturnal animals such as white-tailed mongoose, genet, spotted hyena and even leopards, can be found out and about at night.

Cultural Visit – take a walk to one of our neighbours homesteads and learn the ins and outs of traditional life. From the act of smoking the milk pots to the importance of the omugamba in marriage. Spend time with the camps herd of Ankole cattle and try your hand at milking.


 Frisbee Golf – follow the camps suggested course or make up one of your own.