About Us

Kacheera Camp is a wildlife adventure camp in south west Uganda. With its outdoor showers, camping accommodation, fireside cooking and wild environment, we hope to open our guests eyes to all the elements of the wild.

At camp, we encourage you to leave the ever increasingly technological world behind and find your natural spot in the wild once more. Everyone is welcome, from the kids who attend our wildlife courses to volunteers lending a hand on one of our projects. Students researching their thesis to those just wanting to camp and unwind, there’s a spot for everyone.

Apart from a multi-use covered main area to protect from rain or sun, there are no other permanent structures at the camp. Open air showers, roofed compost toilets and a campsite takes you back to basics and immerses you in your surroundings.

The Team

Version 2Nicky Farmer is one of the camp founders. Teaching in international schools in Uganda, Angola and Thailand her enthusiasm for education powers the camp forward. Her experience with the PYP, MYP and IB programmes keeps the camp on its toes with the latest teaching methodologies.


Version 3Nshaija Nathan is a camp founder and on site manager. Nathan has grown up in the Mburo wilds and as such is very in tune to the rhythm of the bush, his keen senses picking up on many subtle signs. His knowledge of the area, people and way of life ensures visits and programmes are balanced between wildlife and the human element of the area.


fullsizeoutput_331 Iddy Farmer is another camp founder and on site manager. Her passion for all things in the natural world is central to the camps ethos. With a degree in Ecology & Conservation as well as being a certified FGASA field guide, she’s on hand to give visitors an information packed trip. She can tailor each programme to fit schools & individuals needs to ensure visitors get a balance of education and fun.




Salongo is an integral part of our team, a harder worker you will not find. He keeps the camp developing while also maintaining the site. He can always be found busy around the camp and willing to lend a helping hand to any project.



Version 2

Nshama is in charge of the camps herd of Ankole cattle. At night he sleeps in his little shelter next to the cows and by day he’s out grazing them. Our bull keeps him on his toes, always making sure he doesn’t break out and fight with our neighbours bulls! Despite his time taken up with cattle tending he’s always willing to help out when needed.




Juliana works tirelessly looking after every one at the camp. From babysitter to chef to laundry to everything in between. Always happy to share recipes and learn new ones from visitors she’s the smile which keeps us all running!