Tailor made programmes are available to schools looking for educational and adventurous excursions for their students. From science-orientated to team building or adventure programmes, Kacheera Camp can offer a memorable experience for both your students and teachers.


Trips may vary from 2 nights to 2 weeks or longer. A two-night stay is the minimum length encouraged but three/four nights is recommended to get students immersed in the bush. The camp can cater to a range of ages as well as both large and small groups.

Students are encouraged to bring their own camping equipment but tents and bedding are available if required. Over all our courses, it is the students who prepare meals, taking on a rota system over each mealtime. The cooking and washing up often is the most talked about activity at the end of a course!

Here are a few activities we can incorporate in to your programme:

sdrNature walks – from reading and interpreting the signs of the bush to making toothbrushes from trees, these walks open students eyes to the smaller details often overlooked in the bush.

Orienteering – from being given a set of directions and a map, to being the ones to write the directions, students navigate themselves through the bush.

Obstacle course – get scrambling around our obstacle course, sure to get you muddy from head to toe, a fun teambuilding exercise for students and teachers alike!

Star gazing – students learn about the main constellations in the night’s sky and their mythology as well as how to navigate by stars.

Learn about the impressive Ankole cow

Science investigations – students can either investigate a research question of their own making or get some suggestions from us. Investigations may look at areas such as the ecological succession of termite mounds, the dynamics of a slope – vegetation and wildlife change from lake shore to hill top, mini-beast surveys. The camp can support biology & geography class trips, our team working with class teachers to meet the trips requirements.

Cultural exchange – learn about traditional cattle keeping with the camp’s own herd of cows or visit a neighbour to experience the Bahima way of life.

Visit to Lake Mburo National Park – take a day to enter the park to spot all the wildlife it boasts. Observation sheets and data collection are completed on the drives and additional activities are made at various locations around the Park.

Please request for more information on any of the above activities or to learn about others offered, our team will happily provide it.