Camp Developments

It’s been a busy week at the camp as we prepare to host the International School of Uganda next week for a three night, four day programme.

Enshama and Stefano got to work opening up the forest and lakeside paths once more. Things do grow fast out here and especially down by the lake where water is always abundant.

The lakeside path takes you along the edge of the land, where papyrus grows tall, tree’s are draped in creepers and where plenty of hippo activity can be seen. It’s remarkably peaceful on this short path and teeming with life. From the splashes of purple and yellow  of the wild flowers, to the birdlife which flits about you, it’s a completely different environment to anywhere else at the camp. It’s worth your while to sit quietly for half an hour and watch the goings on. With such a different habitat comes many different birds, from the wetland species such as the papyrus gonolek ,to the forest loving orange-tufted sunbird. If you’re a birder or in search of some peace this is the place to sit.

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The forest loop takes you past some of the fruiting fig trees, a popular haunt for many birds. You should walk carefully here as birds are best spotted on the path ahead of you, enjoying the clearing in the forest, scooping up insects, having dust baths and partaking in a spot of sunbathing. Some times the yellow winged bats will take flight at your appearance and take off down the tunnel that is the forest path.

Hopefully the kids next week will enjoy this part of the camp as much as we do!

If you’re wondering what happened on the camera trap since last week, take a look at our Facebook page. Lots of activity along these paths at night!

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