Busy Busy Camp

This week sees our volunteers Penny and Andy hard at work painting camp signs and building our obstacle course. They’re out of their tents just before the sun rises to make the most of the cool morning before the heat beats down and forces their retreat to the cool shade. Hands are blistered, legs are scratched and necks are red, all good signs of hard work!

Our other team of builders are working on the foundation of the main area, the pace at which they’re going we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s only a week before the roof’s on and it’s ready for action! The camp is a buzz with activity, matching our bees in their hive.

The birds keep singing and the crickets chirruping making the camp chorus a pleasant background to all the bustling work. A marsh harrier is swooping over the camp these days, providing entertainment as drongo’s and starling’s dive bomb it, trying to chase it off. Herds of impala have been frequent visitors to the land while zebra are often spotted nearby, always keeping a wary eye on the two legged creatures who stop and stare at them.

Only yesterday we welcomed a new member to the herd, a happy healthy bull. Nshama our herdsman was off by one morning in his prediction of the birth, Nathan got it spot on. Bets are on for our old girl Ngabo to give birth. Nathan states she’ll calve within the week but Nshama thinks it’ll take longer, perhaps even in to February. Time will tell who’s got the best prediction!


Enshama with Ngabo, the bet is on!

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